Feeling Stuck, Frustrated or Overwhelmed?

How can I help you?  Let’s connect and find out. 

I support you by understanding your individual situation with your child/teen.  I provide you with the tools to get your child/teen to cooperate and change their behaviour.

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Am I Doing the Right Thing?…

Parenting in a Nutshell

What Behaviours are You Seeing in your Child or Teen?

  • Whining, complaining and negativity
  • Struggles with chores and responsibilities at home and in life
  • Disrespectful behaviour and communication
  • Poor time management
  • Unmotivated
  • Unable to handle emotions in a helpful way
  • Poor problem solving
  • Lying
  • Talking back and poor connection with your child/teen
  • ADHD
  • Difficulty with morning and bedtime routines
  • Building independence and life skills

Children Do Not come with a Manual, But my Parent Consultations are the Next Best Thing!

 If punishments aren’t working, you feel as though your home is in chaos and your child’s behaviour is out of control, I can help.  It’s time to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed, frustated and ready to make a change. 

 I offer an empathetic ear, practical tips and resources to  get your children to cooperate and learn skills.

I can help …

  • Get you and your partner on the same page
  • Your family together as a team 
  • You understand your own reactions and what you need to feel happier and more in control in your parenting journey.

Why Pick Me?

I have been working with children, youth and families for over twenty years. I’m a mom of two children, aged 15 and 12yrs and yes, we still love each other. My practical tips and strategies help empower parents to feel more confident in their parenting approach.  I have my Bachelors of arts in Sociology and a post grad diploma in Child life studies both from McMaster University.  My experience ranges from working with young offenders, as a behaviour specialist in day cares, working in outpatient and inpatient pediatric health care, in child and youth mental health and community education. My first book “I Quit! Oh, wait I’m the Mom” is a self-help book to help Moms find their joy again in motherhood.  I’m a regular guest on CHCH Morning live as a parenting expert. Click the links below to watch my segments:

Handling Big Emotions  Handling Difficult Behaviours  Building Life Skills in Our Children

Speaking engagements

Looking for a keynote address or speaker for your next event or conference?  

Speaking and workshop topic suggestions:
  • I Quit! Oh wait, I’m the Mom: Finding your Joy Again
  • Get out of your own way: Clarify your goals and make changes to succeed
  • Balance for Better
  • Building Independent, Confident and Empowered Children
  • Lessons from a Recovering Pleaser : It’s time to take your power back!
  • I Have a Teen and We Still Love Each Other: The Art of communication and connection
Download Michelle’s speaker’s sheet
A lot of great feedback from your workshop.  Intimate, interactive, and created connections.  Great information about how important ones support network and mental wellness is.  You really resonated with people.
Michelle H

Manager, Maple Leaf Food

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Igniting Joy and Motivation Through Self-Care

This workshop will be lead by the staff’s needs. What are they struggling with the most? What are the tools they need to feel empowered and in control again?

Topics that will be discussed:

  • Prioritizing yourself and making a plan towards you self-care goals
  • Finding the tools that will help you reach your goals
  • Understanding what is blocking you from taking care of yourself
  • Being able to deal with stress in the momentSetting boundaries
  • Understanding what supports are available to you

Corporate Speaking Topics

Balance for Better

This interactive workshop will help bring awareness to what brings us joy, empowering teams with the ability to better work through obstacles and set backs.
Joins us as Michelle explores the power of advocating for yourself and being a leader of change. Use an individualized approach to better understand your needs in order thrive at work and to drive results.
Connect with colleagues and learn how to overcome obstacles and roadblocks to perform and find your joy at work and in life.

Leadership: The Art of Connection, Motivation and Igniting Productivity

Do you feel as though there is a disconnect between you and your staff?  Is a strong work ethic a thing of the past? 

Join Michelle in this interactive workshop to learn how how connect with your staff and truely understand thier needs.  

When you feel heard and understood you work harder and feel valued. 

Topics that will be discuss:

  • The art of connection, validation and active listening
  • Working together as a team through a collaborative approach
  • Understanding why people act the way that they do and how to motivate them

Get Out of Your Own Way!


✔ Get out of your head and stop believing the unhelpful thoughts

 Understand what blocks you from moving forward and taking action

✔ Reduce your self-limiting beliefs and you could release the brakes to experience growth 

✔ Identify what you really want to achieve, and

✔Courageously pursue inspiring goals even when it’s scary to leave what’s “safe”.

In this interactive session you will learn: 

How to set goals in alignment with intrinsic motivators and your internal why,

Build a plan to take confident action to achieve those goals,

How to take care of your mind and body, so you feel less stress and more joy in the process.


Michelle McVittie helps parents and workplaces put the joy back in family life – home or corporate family
Michelle McVittie’s commitment to supporting people to be happier is complete, resolute and covers many areas. Mom the Manager is her dynamic initiative that is provocative and energizing approach that is applicable to families of origin or work families, as business environments often mimic those at home and the elements for calmer management, more productivity and positive results are equally applicable. Michelle brings her depth of experience as a child life specialist, parenting expert, educator and author to enhance home and corporate environments in working better and experiencing more joy. 
It was her own journey that paved the way for Mom the Manager. For more than 10 years, Michelle McVittie has worked on becoming the manager of her own life. She found her joy again, and now her mission is to help parents and organizations do the same. She has the tools to help clients feel in control, calm in situations and foster stronger relationships whether within families or in organizations.