Be a Good Role Model to Your Child

"Do as I say not as I do" doesn't go very far. It's actually quite frustrating to hear that from your parents. Role modeling behaviour is the best way to teach. What Needs to be Taught? Assess what your child needs. Social skillsEmotional regulationChoresProblem...

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Chores Build Life Skills

#teamfamily downloadable printable chart Life is busy for the average family. There are many things to get done everyday, never mind the extras. Driving to events, lessons, practices, play dates, PTA meetings, appointments, games, tournaments, competitions..... I...

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My Entrepreneurial Journey

Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Kathy DeMerchant My entrepreneurial life started the summer of 2017. I picked up a book called "The Hundred Dollar Start Up "   I realized that I didn't need a huge bank loan to start a business. I had so much...

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I Have a Teenager and We Still Love Each Other

I love my teenager. Life with a teenager is not horrible. People are so hard on teens, it's like they forget they used to be one themselves. I believe in connection and building mutually respectful relationships. I understand that hormones, stress and big emotions can...

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Have the Difficult Conversations

Life isn't easy, and it's not fun to figure it out on your own. There are many sources to get information, but the best source is from your parents. So what are we talking about? SexLoveRelationshipsSocial MediaSexualityEmotionsMental healthMental...

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The World is Not Black and White

The world is filled with gray Is your child a black and white thinker? Do you feel as though you are walking on egg shells? Do you make sure everything is "perfect" to avoid a meltdown? If you said yes to any of these questions, you have a rigid child. A child that...

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Need More Time? I Have the Solution!

Life is busy, we are constantly running and rushing. Time is something people feel they never have. Would you agree? I can tell you since I've changed a few things I've gained way more time! Here are my tips to get more time. Make a ListHow do you know what you have...

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Sensory Sensitive Child

Would you child stand to have their hands covered in paint? Does your child have hard pants and soft pants? Does it take forever to get dressed? Do the seams on socks and underwear irritate your child? Are they sensitive to light, sound or textures? You many have a...

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