Hi! I am Michelle McVittie

Child life specialist & Family consultant 

I help parents feel in control and confident with practical tips and parenting strategies.

I have worked with families and children for over twenty years: with young offenders, as a behaviour specialist in daycares, in pediatric  medical and mental health, supervised private practice and in my own business.  I take all of my experience and help you understand what is behind your child and teens behaviour and give you practical tips and resources to build connection and more cooperation.  Children don’t come with a manual, my services are the next best thing.

Ready to calm the chaos at home and get your children to cooperate and listen? I’m here to support you. You got this! Schedule a consultation today.


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Parenting a Stubborn child Workbook For Parents

Stubborn Kids? 5 Tips to get them to LISTEN

Parenting… It is Complicated!

It can be so defeating to feel as though there is no break from the fight, from the difficult behaviours. Nothing seems to work… for long. They do not listen, they cannot explain why they act the way they do.

The hard days with your kids seem to outweigh the good. This is not what you thought motherhood would be like.

Can you relate?

You are not alone, I am here to help.


Picture This…

It is a Monday morning. Imagine waking up to a cheerful child who has already started some of their morning routine.
You are so proud of the independent and compassionate child you are raising. You cherish your time together and trust they are making good decisions when you are apart.

Children don’t come with a manual, our parenting show Life with Children is the next best thing. Each episode has a different expert panel talking about various topics, such as finding your joy again in motherhood, ADHD, equal parenting, getting your kids in the kitchen and much more!