Nice to meet you!

I’m Michelle McVittie also known as Mom the Manager

I am a child life specialist, a speaker, parenting expert, mental health professional, mother, and wife. I have worked with children and families for over twenty years, in daycares, hospitals, with young offenders, in mental health and as a community educator.

My story

Becoming a mom was the greatest gift I could have been given.

But for years I felt overwhelmed. It was as though my life was in charge of me, instead of the other way around. When I decided to make a change I became the Manager of my home. I want to help you do the same. With time and patience I found my groove (of course there is always room for improvement). I love being a mom, but that’s not my only identity. I’m a friend, a writer, a runner, a crafting queen, a dog lover and a dancer… I could go on. I learned that there can be a better a way. 

My manager at work doesn’t do everything, she delegates! If I’m supposed to be the manager of my home, than why am I doing EVERYTHING?! I needed to put the tools together to help my family come together as a team. I no longer wanted to be a solo member. Instead of Team Mom, I created Team Family! Now because everyone does their share, I don’t feel so overwhelmed. I feel more in control and I have more time for my family and for “me time”, because I don’t have to do it all.

Speaking engagements

Looking for a speaker for your next event? Want to run a workshop for your friends?

Speaking and workshop topic suggestions:

  • Getting your home and your children organized
  • Understanding behaviour, why kids act the way that they do
  • Building life skills in your children and teens
  • Self-care for moms, you can’t pour from an empty cup
  • Big emotions and how to help your child deal with them in a positive way
  • With the right tools anything is possible, why visuals work

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