What is a word of the year? How do you pick one? Do you need to pick just one?

Here is my take on the word of the year. It doesn’t need to be one word, why not have more than one? Do what feels best for you! Write a letter to yourself. Don’t think just write! You can do a meditation before you write. Don’t question or second guess what you are writing. What do you want the new year to look like for you? Think about what you want, how you want to feel, what is important to you. What does that look like to you? You may have to dig deeper for this one.

This activity will help you see what life could be like. When you put the intentions out there is more likely to come true!

Put the word on a sticking note on your wall. Write it on a dry erase board. Add it to your vision board. Remind yourself what your intentions are.

Use the word:

  • To help keep you motivated
  • As a motivator of what you deserve
  • To help ground you and bring you back to your purpose when you are feeling down or doubtful.

Last year my word was ACTION! And that is what I did. I worked out, organized my home, my office, redecorated and purged all the clutter, I did a gratitude journal every morning, hired help to fulfill my business goals and I built up my Parenting Facebook group, I did self-care workshops and collaborated with amazing people, I spent quality time with my husband, kids family, and friends.

The sky is the limit. You have the power to choose.

What are the main themes that came out of your intentions paragraph? What word came to you when you read it out loud?

My paragraph was a wake-up call that I let fear run my life too much. I am so worried about what I should do and then I’m “shoulding” ALL over the place! Now I need to make it all happen. To trust in the universe. To put caution to the wind and just fucking GO FOR IT!

I already started doing these things last year. I stepped away from fear and into the world of trust, hope, and taking chances. 

This year I continue on my path with these three words to help me on my journey:




 Try it! I’d love to hear your words. Comment below or send me a message.

Happy New Year!

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