it’s been a long time since we were at school

change is hard.  Keep that in mind.  The anxiety is normal.  Change is anxiety-provoking, even when it’s for something possible.  As an adult did you have a new job you were super excited about?  Were you nervous about leaving your old job and how did you feel on your first day?  Going back after maternity leave, lots of emotions.  Once we get there however the emotions usually change or are less intense. 

Tips to Help your Anxious Child

  1. Get to the school.  Play outside.  Make positive memories and connections with going to school.
  2. Prepare them for what is going to be happening.  Drop off, who’s class they will be in.  talking about what school was like in the past, what did they enjoy? 
  3. Create a routine.  Bedtime and mornting routine.  Give yourself enough time to get ready.  No one likes to feel rushed.  Your child can prepare the night before, so there is less stress in the morning. 
  4. Talk to them about their worries.  What is the worst thing that will happen?  What is the change that it will happen.  What thoughts come up for them?
  • No one will talk to me
  • I’ll be late and I’ll have to go to the principals office
  • I won’t know the answers in math class

Validate the concern.  Ask questions.  Plan if these things do happen, help them problem solve. 

What can they do when emotions come up?

What helpful coping strategies do they have?

  • A stone in their pocke to remind them of hiking with family
  • A fidget toy to focus their nervous energy on
  • Say something positive to boss back the unhelpful thoughts in their head

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It may not go perfect, but notice effort.  Take it one step at a time. 

Michelle, Mom the Manager

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