Such a simple question, but many parents don’t know the answer. Without electronics, how does your child calm down?

Electronics are part of our lives. How would you feel if I took your phone away for a day or even a week? What would you do? Read, spend time with friends, organize the house, workout, go to be earlier? Or would you FREAK OUT?

Everything in moderation is ok, however, this is not the case for many children. The problem is that electronics cannot be brought to school or daycare. What is something the child or teen can do while in the middle of a test, sitting on the bench at a soccer game, problem-solving while waiting for their parent that is late to pick them up?

Some children are just more sensitive. They are agitated, anxious, misunderstood and their reaction appear over the top. Understanding your child’s triggers is the first step. Helping them find things to help them turn down the volume is important. Create a routing around self-regulation. After school or an hour before bed have them do something calming and relaxing. Create a space they can relax, do a craft, read a book or just get away from the chaos and noise around them. Acknowledge when they do well, notice the effort.

Ask them what they need in the moment. Space, a hug, or a reminder of what they can do. You could use a code word or signal when you notice they are getting to a 6 out of 10. Help them notice when their bodies are telling them something is up and what can they do to calm down.

Take it one step at a time. Your children need support, some more than others. This will take planning, practice, and lots of patience.

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