How are you doing?

This has been a hard time… ESPECIALLY if you are working from home AND making sure your children are taken care of.

  1. Please give yourself a break.. lower your expectations and praise the shit out of your kids when they do better!

Here are some suggestions for what you can say:

  • You did it on your own, fantastic!
  • You waited until I was done, good job!
  • You made your own lunch, so proud of you!
  • I didn’t need to check in on you this morning, you did so well.

2. Don’t worry about your pants.. they are over rated

If you feel good in sweats wear sweats. If you don’t feel productive in sweats then don’t wear them. I like to do my makeup and hair each morning, but you do what is best for you. However you feel more productive

3. And have snack bins ready to go!

  • Create separate bins for each child.
  • Have a healthy snack bin in the fridge and one in the pantry
  • Create a fun snack bin for each child as well
  • Go over the rules for how many healthy snacks they can have before they can have a fun snack
  • Once they eat the snacks in their bins for the day, or week (whatever works best for your family) then they are out of snacks

4. Plan ahead

What do your children need?

Things that can help:

  • A routine
  • A reward chart to keep them on track and motivates to complete their tasks and routine
  • An organized space to do their work
  • Set breaks and movement time
  • Permission to take more breaks if needed
  • Remove distractions, especially for children that are easily distracted

⭐ Download one of my signs for your door.
⭐ Set expectations
⭐ Go over the rules with your kids, then get them to repeat them back to you
⭐ And expect that it won’t go perfectly

You got this!