It’s a new year, and so many are scared to step into the unknow after the year that we have had. When emotions get big we have different ways of handling them.

  • We can shut down, avoid, be indifferent. This can come across as being lazy, or not caring.
  • Act out, get angry and aggressive. This comes across as defiant, being difficult and not caring.
  • We can fight our insecurities and move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

Of course we want our children and teens to want to do more and reach for the stars. Sometimes their actions do not match how they really feel. But if you assume they are lazy, unmotivated or difficult this will NOT motivated them to change or ask for help.

Change is hard.

Do it together. Create a plan. What do they value? Be a good role model. Make your own plan as well. it doesnt have to be complicated. Just start with small steps.

A visual is a great reminder of what we want and what is important to us. Did you have posters on your wall as a teen? What about the art work on your walls now? Here is an opportunity to connect with your child or teen and really get to know each other. Doing things together build connection and that will help you understand what they are interested in.

So pull out some Bristol board or cardstock and get started. Add pictures and quotes that will motivate you and that mean something to you.

What will you add to your poster or board?

I have pictures of people in business I admire, flowers because they make me smile, quotes and single words that evoke positive emotion in me.

Have fun with it!