It’s hard not to let your emotions swallow you up. Another lockdown means more isolation and more time with your children. It can bring on feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, frustration, irritation, helplessness, sadness and resentment. We have no control over the lockdown or COVID, we do have control over how we react.

Emotions make us act certain ways. There are things you can do to help turn down the volume on your emotions. Creative projects can be the trick to feeling calm, happy and in control again.

Create a Space

This beautiful craft space was created by the women of The Home Edit:

This can be a corner of a room, a tent, a large box or a dedicated space in a bedroom, basement or playroom. Whether you are creating a space for yourself or your child, make it inviting, organized and full of supplies they need.

Make Relaxation Time Part of Your Routine

Time flies and there is NEVER enough time. Put Me Time in your clandar. Add to your routine for you and the kids. When do they need it most? After school? After dinner? Maybe an hour before bed all elctronics get truned of my the whole family and everyone does their own queit activity to help settle down for the night.

Projects Help You Feel Better

Working on projects gives you something to focus on. It can be compared to being a meditative state. Gardening, sewing etc. releases dopamine, a natural dopamine.

Pick a day and get started. Get your children involved in the process and planning.

Learn more about creative projects in my video with Emanuela Hall owner of Creative Wellness: