Motherhood is such an amazing gift. I grew up playing with dolls and playing house with my sister. I cherished my dolls, especially the one that would cry when I pulled it’s soother out. Whenever there was family and friends party, I would love to play with the younger children. Becoming a mother for me was what I always wanted. However, the reality was slightly different than I had expected. My daughter was a surprise baby and I was in between jobs. Looking for work at six monthes pregnant was not fun. Ella lost ten percent of her weight after birth so I had to wake her to feed her. I felt as though the first three monthes of her life were a blur. I was so tired. I just remember lying in bed, so upset. I would have given ANYTHING for a full nights sleep. Three years later Isaac was born, and I felt more confident. He was an easy baby, he slept well and was so happy. He was VERY active, so I always needed to have eyes on him as you started moving around. It was a busy time, but I was happy to be a Mom. Some days I felt more confident. I wish I could have looked ahead to where am I am now. I wish I could have done things a little differently, for myself.

What would you say to your younger self as a mom?

When you are in the moment, it’s a lot. They need you all the time. You feel as though you don’t have a break. But this too shall pass

It really does go by so quickly. Enjoy those moments with them. Be patient with yourself and the process. You are all doing this for the first time. Each milestone is my next best step. I do miss them little at times. The innocence the, baby cuddles and the simple life of everyday fun in the backyard and playing with a empty cardboard box.

My Letter to My Younger Self as a Mom

Dear Michelle,

You have always wanted to be a mother, and now here you are. Thank goodness baby number two is a better sleeper than your first. You are trying new things and learning from your mistakes. You are asking for help and taking care of yourself. Joining Mommy and Me boot camp has really made a positive change in you. Keep doing more of that, putting your needs first. It will eventually become a way of life, you’ll even write a book about it. But don’t stop at boot camp. Carve out time for yourself for the things you love, without the kids. Take time to plan out your home life and get hubby on board quicker. Communication is key. You will see, it will all fall into place. You have amazing friends around you, cherish them and your time together. Your friends will be by your side, they really get who you are and love you.

When they say that it all goes by quickly it really does. The small things really matter: The time together, the laughter, the hugs and cuddles. You are doing an amazing job, give yourself more credit. Slow down a bit and manage your time (charts, checklists, and timelines really are your friend). You have an amazing family. You are truly blessed. Sleep well knowing that one day you will have time to enjoy it all and look forward to watching your children flourish and reach for their goals. They are who they are because you taught them well. You allowed them to try, you believed in them. Keep telling them that you love them. Keep doing amazing things and stepping out of your comfort zone. They are watching you. They notice. Becoming a Mom was the best thing you could have done, it looks good on you. Be proud, you are amazing.

Love Future Michelle

What would you tell your younger self?