Photo by Lethu Zimu on Unsplash

New year, new you! What does that statement mean? It implies you aren’t who you need to be and BIG changes need to be made. This doesn’t motivate anyone to change. When you feel you NEED to change or have to change, the goal isn’t yours. The goal has to be relevant to you. Something you value.

If I was told to lose twenty pounds, that wouldn’t motivate me to eat less. Maybe from shame and embarrassment I would, at first. Then I would just adapt my eating when I was in front of that person. What motivates me is feeling healthy and fit. I could drink more water, eat more home cooked meals and working out, to make this change happen. Then I would have to think about how to follow through.

Goal: Drink more water

  • Download an app to remind me to drink water
  • Buy a stainless steel bottle that i can keep with me during the day and will keep my water cold.
  • Start the day with a glass of lemon water
  • Drink a glass of water before each meal and make a habit out of it.

It doesn’t seem so hard when you write down the plan. We normally say something and want to follow through but don’t think about the steps involved. It’s such a simple thing but will make a big difference.

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

Do you want to change?

You may just need to alter a few things or go back to doing things in a more productive way. I used to workout, I used to be more organized, I used to hang out with my friends before. Don’t beat yourself down for not staying on track, it happens you are only human.

  • How to you get back on track?
  • What do you need?
  • What worked in the past?
  • What got in the way of following through?

I stopped working out because I left my gym. The habit was broken of getting up for my seven am class three days a week. I haven’t worked out for about four months now. The gym was too far away from my house, I was getting bored of the same types of classes, I don’t enjoy working out on my own. So I’m shifting gears and trying something new. I have a set a date to start and have everything I need. Instead of a gym I will swim lengths at the local pool twice a week. Once a week I will workout with weights at home with my husband or my kids.

Don’t Plan Too Much

We tend to get caught up in “the how” and we just need to get started. Try something out, give it a chance. If you want to get organized for example make a habit of putting your shoes, purse and keys away as soon as you get home. Create a ten minute tidy routine each day after dinner for the whole household. Take small steps before tackling the big stuff. When things are too overwhelming we tend to avoid the task. You don’t have to jump right into the deep end, but can you get your legs wet?

A new year is a chance for a reset. Really look at your situation and see what needs to change. Just take it one step at a time.