Maternity leave transitions can be unclear and disorganized.  This is the snapshot I’ve seen over and over again. The lack of clarity and a intentional processes can really take a toll on your confidence because you feel so out of control.   It doesn’t have to be this way!
There are lots of things you can do to get your transition to and from work organized.  By providing yourself with this organization and clarity, there are positive impacts to your overall confidence through this transition.  Here are three simple actions you can start today:

1] Talk About The Transition From Work With Your Manager
If you’ve got regular check-ins scheduled with your manager, use this time to address any concerns you have about your upcoming transition.  Your manager will likely want to hear about this sooner, rather than at the last minute. Be prepared to offer solutions to the challenges you’ve identified.
2] To Set Clear Expectations
Your manager and colleagues might feel awkward asking how much you plan on accomplishing before your leave, and even how long you plan on being away.  On top of this, some people just suck and will make assumptions about your commitment to work decreasing and other non-sense. So, just in case you’re in this situation, be proactive and manage this yourself.  Set expectations long before they become an issue.
3] Write Down A Plan
On top of having an open conversation with your manager, create a document that details the projects you’re working on, the status of those projects, important contact information and other important details.  If your boss and co-workers were leaving the office for a year, or more, what would you want to know? Include all those details in a nice document to impress your manager and co-workers. Create this plan early in your pregnancy and keep it updated as your belly grows.  Hopefully all goes as planned with your pregnancy. But if it doesn’t at least you’ve got the status of your work projects captured to easily pass along.

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