Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Kathy DeMerchant

My entrepreneurial life started the summer of 2017. I picked up a book called “The Hundred Dollar Start Up ”  

I realized that I didn’t need a huge bank loan to start a business. I had so much knowledge and content I wanted to share with the world. I knew there were gaps that needed to be filled. So I started creating a charts. Charts for children, families, teens and moms. My charts build life skills in children and help organize teens, moms and families. I knew they worked because I had used them myself. I did my research and a reached out for help. Strangers helped me get started. Fellow entrepreneurial women that I just messaged and they said yes! I created an Etsy store and launched my site November of 2017.

My next step was to put my ideas into writing. I had started tweeting and blogging as my creative outlet in 2015. I took courses and read many books. I wanted to write a book to help mothers find their joy again. These tips were what I used to pull myself out of the gutter and find myself again. I was blocked by the traditional process of getting a book published and I just didn’t want to wait. So again I reached out for help. I was told to just go for it! And that’s what I did. I invested in myself and worked with Friesenpress to get my book published. August 2018 my book came out and I had my book launch November 2018. The outpouring of support was overwhelming, I wanted to bottle up the energy from the room and keep it with me as a constant reminder to follow my dreams.

The next step was to hire help. I couldn’t do it all on my own. I hired a business coach, a website designer, a photographer and PR rep. I also joined online and in person networking and business groups. I surrounded myself with like minded people.

I continue to step outside of my comfort zone. I set goals, big goals and go after them. Building connections through social media and in-person events and groups continues to grow my reach and opportunities for speaking engagements, guest blog posts and more exposure. I learned to just go for it, and the results are worth the effort. Opportunities will not find you, you have to put yourself out there. What impact do you want to make in the world? How will you make it happen? Life is too short to be miserable. Just go for it. You’ll be scared, by just do it anyway! Focus on your effort and how far you have come. Just take the first step.