Life is busy, we are constantly running and rushing. Time is something people feel they never have. Would you agree? I can tell you since I’ve changed a few things I’ve gained way more time! Here are my tips to get more time.

  • Make a List
    • How do you know what you have to do when you don’t write it down? Prioritize what needs to be done first.
  • Make a Plan
    • What the steps involved? How much time do you need? Write it down! Put it in your calendar, schedule it in.
  • Be Mindful
    • Are you aware of your time. What are you doing right now? How many things do you do at once? When you have a quiet moment do you enjoy it or are you looking to the next thing? Be more mindful of what you are doing. You’ll realize you have more time than you do.
  • Say NO!
    • You can still be polite when you say no (see my blog post on saying no politely)
    • Start saying yes to the things you want to do more. Say yes to yourself. Don’t waste your time doing activities, errands, task etc for everyone else when you don’t want to. It takes ups a lot of time and then you feel irritable, annoyed and resentful. Who wants to feel that way? Then you’ll waste more time complaining and being even more miserable. So start practicing…. NO…thank you.
  • Stop Doing it All
    • You don’t have to do everything. Teach skills to your children, make a plan, designate errands and chores. Work together as a team. You’ll be happier and have more time for fun! (check out my shop for charts to help you make this easier)
Mom the Manger 2019 Calendar and Worksheets

I have a created a calendar and worksheets for you (well I created for me too, but I wanted to share) Download it here and get started today:

2019 Calendar with motivational quotes and self-care tips each month, gratitude, self-care, debt-repayment, and list creator worksheets