Would you child stand to have their hands covered in paint?

Does your child have hard pants and soft pants? Does it take forever to get dressed? Do the seams on socks and underwear irritate your child? Are they sensitive to light, sound or textures? You many have a sensory sensitive child.

Parents get really upset with their children, they feel a though they are just being difficult, but it’s more than that. Sometimes it can take over your life. An occupational therapist may be able to help. They can help them work through their sensitivities and learn to tolerate them. One child for example didn’t like to wear her boots. So her occupational therapist taught her to stomp her feet after putting on the boots to help work through the discomfort. One mom said she would ask her daughter to wear the shirt (for example) for ten minutes before they change to a new one. It would work most of the time, and the child tolerated wearing the item of clothing that they didn’t like.

This image may help you gain some insight on what is upsetting your child. This information is not meant to diagnosis your child, but to help you see that they are not just trying to to be difficult. There are many children and adults that are sensitive to sensory stimuli. Some are able to work through their struggles on their own, others many need more help. All these children need patience, understanding and solutions. Show your child you are trying to understand their concerns so you can work together on it.

This image may help you see where your child is struggling

Carol Stock Kranowitz wrote a book |”The out of Sync Child” you may find her resources helpful. https://out-of-sync-child.com/