Women Supporting Women: Meet Stephanie Beaulieu a beautiful mother of three who supports others with their health and fitness goals. My own journey in becoming Mom the Manager was profound. It was a journey I wanted to share with the world. I knew there was a way through the struggle, a way to find my joy again in motherhood. That is why I wanted to share Stephanie’s journey, it’s important to know that you can do it. Everyone has their own struggles, but it’s getting back up that counts. Here is Stephanie’s story.

My journey started off like so many others’. Active youth, then I fell in love, gained a ton of weight while being blissfully oblivious to the toll this was taking on my body and my health. After our wedding in 2012, my husband and I welcomed our son a couple of short years later after a successful round of fertility because we were told we wouldn’t be able to become pregnant on our own. Much to our surprise, when our son was 8 months old, we were shocked to learn that we were expecting twins, naturally! As thrilled as we were, I was terrified. I knew that our life was about to change in ways that I couldn’t fathom.

After a seamless pregnancy, we had two healthy baby girls. The initial period of bliss was short lived. My struggle with anxiety and depression came back into play in a big way. I was now the mom of three kids under the age of 1.5 and I didnt recognize a single aspect of my life. I felt lost in my new body, I was barely getting 2 hours of sleep a night, there wasn’t a single moment of the day where someone wasn’t screaming for my attention. I desperately longed for any sense of familiarity from my old life.

I recognized my troubles and knew I needed to have some time to myself. When our twins were 6 weeks old, my husband suggested that I take 30 minutes alone in the basement every day to re-coop. I knew that no matter what type of madness was going on upstairs, he could handle it on his own for 30 minutes and I could truly escape into my own world for a short, yet invaluable amount of time.

I decided to exercise in my basement. This decision was pivotal. It created a diversion so big that I didn’t have the time to worry about what was going on upstairs or even think about anything other than what was going on in my exercise video at that exact moment. I came upstairs refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day ahead. This habit continued until it resulted in a loss of 80 lbs. I was 50 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. Everything became easier. I had more patience, I was less tired, I had more energy, etc.

As you can imagine, when someone goes through a physical transformation like that, everybody wants to know what your secret is. People from all walks of life were approaching me and asking about how I accomplished such big goals while having such small children. My answer always stayed the same: “If I can adopt this healthy lifestyle NOW, while I am in the absolutely craziest phase of my life, then it will be something I can keep up forever.”

I was referring clients to my coach left right and center and it become silly for me to NOT start my own coaching business. I knew how much these systems and communities could change someone’s life and I wanted to be able to give someone that opportunity and the tools they need to succeed. The Beachbody community has had such a profound effect on mine and my family’s lives that I truly believe that I would be doing someone a disservice by NOT telling them about this opportunity.

Being where I am now, and watching other coaches on my Team grow and develop their own financial freedom by simply caring for and helping other has been so incredibly fulfilling. I founded Commit2Fit Empire, and together we are a team of strong, driven women who host online Bootcamps and guide other women through their transformation, both physical and emotional.

I remain a student of the process and strive to learn something new every single day. New personal development, new ways to motivate and uplift and new ways to fit being a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a coach, and an entrepreneur are all parts of my new daily routine.

I will be forever grateful for having found my new exercise regime, my new community of like minded and inspirational women and my dream job. I start each day with a grateful heart and encourage everyone on my team to do the same. I show up daily on my social media to share my journey, both the struggles and the successes. After all, you never know whose life you can influence by one simple post.

To learn more about Stephanie check out her instagram account @stephbeaulieu8 and Facebook group: Facebook.com/fitmamasteph