Motherhood is all consuming. What is it about mom life? Dad could be in the kitchen and they still come into the bathroom to ask you for a snack.

It’s almost as though you are on autopilot. Just do do do for your family. It’s breed in us. When we try to step away if feels as though life falls apart. The kids want you to be there, to do it for them. And we do it. We do it because we love them. We do it because it’s easier to do it right the first time. We do it because guilt sets in when you don’t.

Well I’m here to tell you to STOP IT!

If you never do anything for yourself, you can’t be your best self. Self-Care keeps your stress and emotions in check. Do when tough stuff comes up you are better able to deal with it.

Self-care means something different for everyone. It’s important to be consistent. Set a routine. Start with a positive thought to start your day. Incorporate fun, learning and activity. Eat well and get enough sleep! The rest is gravy.
Set a routine fort yourself. What will you add to it?

  • Reading
  • A bath
  • A walk after dinner
  • Meet a friend for lunch
  • Go to bed early

Whatever you choose make it a priority. When you feel better life will seem easier and more enjoyable. You’ll yell less and have more patience. Your kids will thank you for it.

Put yourself first, so you have more energy for your kids. Start today!

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