Being a parent is tough. It’s even tougher when you feel alone. Working together is key. Children will push limits. They will split you if they can. They know what they can get away with with each parent. You have to be on the same page. When a child goes to the other parent to get a yes, because one already said no that is BAD! They only do these things if it works. So it’s up to you to stop this pattern. Going against each other with ruin your relationship.

Communication and trust is key in all good relationships. If you never sit down with your partner about what you need and expect, how will they ever know?

What is happening in your home that continues to cause difficulty?

Have set routines, checklists and house rules. Family meetings involve everyone in the discussion of what is expected.

If the rule is set that there is no electronics an hour before bed follow through on that. Back each other up. Tag each other out when the other parent is having a tough time. Talk often. Re-evaluate the rules and expectations on a regular basis.

Be consistent. Remember you are a team. You are stronger together. Check in. Acknowledge effort and support from your partner. Help each other out.