When you are seventy years old will you be happy with what you did with your life?

What if I asked you the same question today? Are you doing what really makes you happy? Do you have dreams and goals that you feel you’ll never have time for?

North America is on fast forward mode, all the time. To work an eighty hour work week is a normal thing. Our kids are over scheduled. We are working more for less money and for what gain?

The days and hours continue to pass you by. How are you filling your time?

When the day is done you may feel fatigued from giving, and giving. Whether it’s taking care of your children, your home, your work or all of the above, do you feel you have enough left in the tank for you?

Prioritizing dreams and goals may seem silly. Who has time for that when you’re just trying to get through the day?

I’ll ask you the question again: are you happy with what you’ve done with your life today?

Are you living life or just getting through the days, until you look back and see life has passed you by.

Make your list today.