I have created this mental imagery script just for you. Find a comfortable spot and read the story. When you are done, repeat it again in your mind. Let your imagination take you to the place that makes you feel relaxed and free.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a quiet beach house. The porch doors are wide open, facing the ocean. The air smells like salt water and freedom. You can feel the breeze on your face and the warmth of the sun on your legs. The only thing you need to do today is relax. If any thoughts of responsibility and mother’s guilt come into your head acknowledge them, and let them drift back out of your mind. Focus back on your breathing.

Breathe in confidence and breathe out self-doubt.

Breathe in peace and breathe out chaos.

Say to yourself:

I am a deserving of love.

I take time for myself as part of my self-care practice.

I am calm, I am worthy and I choose peace.

Take a moment to sit in your calm. Fight the urge to move on to your responsibilities. Tolerant the uncomfortable feeling called guilt and sit.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a big sigh. Take a another cleansing breath, and breathe out with a sigh.

Focus back on the beach. On the smell of the ocean and warmth of the breeze. Listen for the silence, the calm. As the waves crash down on the beach take a breath. Use the calm rhythm of the waves as your guide to slow your breathing down.

Remember this feeling. Be proud that you took time for yourself. Breathe in hope, breathe out guilt. Notice your breath, notice your peace.

Take as long as you need to sit in silence. Remember this feeling when you need peace in your life.

Photo credit: @katie_manning14