My visuals are not magic, they are a gateway to building independence in your children and teens. It will take time and patience. You will have to be consistent and open minded.

Your children want to do well, they just need the right tools to help them. We only retain 7% of what we hear. 55% of what we see, we retain. Visuals, timers and reminders are a must have to get things done. It’s about picking the right option for your child. Talk to them, make a plan, ask them what they want. Together you can make a plan that works for both of you, compromise from everyone is a must.

  1. The key is to start small, start with one to three tasks to start. If children feel overwhelmed there will be little motivation to even start.
  2. Pay attention to the effort your child is making and take it one day at a time.
  3. Think about each child’s needs individually. What are they capable of doing? Your 9yr old may be functioning more like a 6yr, old for example. Alter your expectations accordingly.
  4. Show them how to do it, do it together, watch them do it, then they can try it on their own. Some children will need this repeated many times.