I love to do this exercise. It’s good for all ages. It’s a great way to reflect back and see how far you’ve come. It’s a reminder of the times you thought you’d never make it, that nothing positive would happen or it was hopeless all together.

What younger self would you give advice to? It could be you six months ago, 2 years ago or twenty years ago.

Were there times in your life that were particularly hard? Middle school, high school, first break up, university, first job, first baby?

I would like to talk to my highschool self, my university self and myself as a new wife and a new mom .

What Advice, reassurances or tips would you give?

Me on my wedding day 2003

I’d send lots of hugs and kisses and reminders that I’m a fanastic person with so much to give the world. To worry less about what others think and more and my happiness. To be more assertive, more organized and break a few more rules.

I would tell that scared mom that didn’t want to leave the hospital with her new baby, you got this.

Enjoy the little things. Pause to enjoy life more. Do more, buy less.

I’d like to think I follow this advice now, but it took me time to learn it. Sometimes you just have to live life and learn things the hard way. But some advice and support never hurts.

I’d love to hear what advice you’d give your younger self. Comment below.