Do you have a four or five year old that still has temper tantrums?

Do you feel your eight and nine year old children should be controlling their emotions by now?

Do you ever say? “You need to calm down!”

Does your child know how?

Tips to help:

  • Don’t try to fix it or make them happy. Let your children feel their emotion.
  • Talk to them about what helps them feel calm. Give suggestions, but allow them to come up their own ideas first.
  • Make it part of the routine to do things that make them feel calm and happy.
  • Help them catch the emotion before it gets too big.
  • Be patient, this will take time.

This chart can open up the conversation. It can give ideas and be a visual reminder to turn to helpful coping strategies. What do the images mean for them? They can fill the empty bubbles with their own ideas.

The key is working on it together. Practice often and remember they are children, poor choices and big emotions will happen.

Instant digital download worksheet for kids to help with Big Emotions and learn how to calm down and use relaxation