Two children born in the same house can have very different life skills.

If you left the house for the day you may come back to one child that is still standing in the same spot you left him. The other child will have made a snack, went outside to play and is sitting quietly watching a movie when you get back. The good news is that you can teach these skills!

Some children are born resilient. Others are not. Resilience is the ability to bounce back. To learn from mistakes and move forward.

The Traits that Help You Do Well in Life

1. Health: physical and mental

2. Connections and relationships

3. Positive thinking

4. Learning

5. Emotional intelligence

6. Purpose in life

7. Coping

The icing on the cake is having a supportive family and community to help you along in life.

I will be expanding on all of these points in blog posts to come.