I am NOT a risk taker. I always wondered how wealthy people made it big. They took RISKS!

I’m sick and tired of playing it safe.

I don’t want to be asking myself “I wonder what would have happened?” in 5, 10 or 15 yrs from now.

In one year I will be looking back and saying I DID IT!

The world is a complex place. Many people impose their expectations on you. Self doubt sets in and then no movement is made. I’ve slowing been making changes. Learning to say no to others, but saying yes to myself. Organizing, prioritizing and discovering my true self.

I read “The Hundred Dollar Start Up” in the summer and I haven’t looked back. I realized it didn’t have to be hard. If the ideas flowed easily you were onto something.

I stopped waiting. I jumped in. I took a risk. I met with people, asked advice, researched and got tons of support. I got pushed out of my comfort zone. Just do it!

I opened my etsy store 4 monthes after that. I signed the paperwork to publish my first book. I couldn’t wait for offers, contracts.. I just did it on my own.

My first book will be out soon! The ideas keep coming for more books, more worksheets, charts and workshops.

I’m onto something. I feel a joy that keeps me pushing through the doubt and fear of failure. Because how will I know if I don’t try? It’s going to be AMAZING!

Do those things you want to do. Life doesn’t wait. What is your first step?