Our brain automatically goes to the negative.  You have to train your brain to turn towards the positive.

Take this picture for example.  You could look at this picture and think:

  • This is beautiful.
  • A serene oasis.
  • This would be my dream home.

Or you could also think:

  • I wish I could go to a place like this, that will NEVER happen.
  • I’ll never go on vacation!  It’s so unfair.
  • All those trees, probably a lot of bugs around there.

You have to train your brain to be positive.

So what are you thinking?  What was your first thought?  I’m not saying you need to happy all the time.  That’s unnatural.  I do challenge you to think more positively.  Put positive messages around you.  Works or visuals that make you feel calm, positive and hopeful.

I have created a screen saver to get you started.  A freebie to help remind you that you have a choice.  You can choose to focus on the negative or you can choose to focus on the positive.

Today I choose happiness!

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