At seven months old we found out my daughter had food allergies. Milk, soy and egg. At first it was a struggle, but it quickly became a way of life. Vegan websites and recipes were a life saver. A few weeks ago my poor daughters face turned a bright red. It was an allergic reaction, but to what?

We have been doing a food elimination, while we wait to see the allergist… in August (insert sigh here).

Family doctor told us to remove all food with preservatives. I’m happy to say we didn’t need to remove much, but it’s tough as a kid to not have some of those fun foods. School snacks were easier to purchased store bought.

So my daughter started doing some research on clean eating. She put together a few recipes and made a list for the grocery store.

I have to say we all pulled together as a family to make it work. We were in the kitchen for a few days preparing new snacks and meals. I have to say I quite enjoyed it, as you may know quality time is my fav.

We have made some yummy food. The bonus is I found some new foods I know love to eat. I would have never eaten chia seed pudding (the texture did NOT look appetizing)

I LOVE it! I tried it with almond milk, cows milk and coconut milk out of the can (this is my fav).

We made: kale chips, granola, chia seed pudding with cocao, apple chips (that never got crispy) and protein balls (that fell apart).

Im looking forward to expanding our menu!