Why a word of the year? It’s a focus, a motivator and a reminder of what you are working on for the year.

Write a paragraph, or more of your intentions for the year. What you want for yourself, what your goals are. When you finish, read over the paragraph and look for a strong message.

(I will also take this facebook message and run with it)

Last year I started with one word Focus. After some more thought, I added another two: Fantastic and Grounding. 

I put a lot of effort into focusing on what was important:

  1. My self care
  2. Quality time with family and friends
  3. Finding my passion in life.

This is where my entrepreneurial fire got ignited. I started reading, researching and talking to people about my aspirations.

I started working out, being more mindful and having more fun! It was a fantastic year in many ways.

This year I feel empowered and excited about all the possible opportunities.

The main themes that came out of my intentions paragraph were:

  • Continue moving life in the direction I want it to go
  • I want to feel fulfillment, passion, excitement
  • I want to learn more and feel stimulated each day
  • Surround myself with like minded people, laugh, love and be positive
  • Push forward, create success and fulfilment

I already started doing these things last year. I stepped away from  fear and into the world of faith, hope and taking chances. 

This year I continue on my path with these three words to help me on my journey:

                      Fulfillment ❤

Empowered 🌼

Create 🎉

Try it! I’d love to hear your words. Comment below or send me a message.

Happy New Year!