I love all the holidays. Quality time with family and friends is the best part. Each holiday brings special moments. Traditions fill my heart with a special joy.

As Christmas Eve draws near I think about all the happy memories. As a Polish family we have many traditons on Christmas Eve. St. Nick visits on Christmas Eve asking the  to answer a question or sing a song for their gift (we never had St.Nick visit our home, but we opened gifts Christmas Eve because of this).

Our meal is very specific. No meat is allowed, but fish and seafood is abundant. Beet borscht, pickled herring, cod, potatoes just to name a few. My job is making the paszteciki. It’s a mushroom filling with a bread pastry around it. I have to make double the amount because my kids won’t stop eating them!

This year I made my own pastry..yup I bought the pastry before. With more time to experiment, I decided to make my own. The best part was having my daughter ask to help me. The seal of approval was the second best part. 

Tradition number 2: a Christmas ornament to commemorate the year. Each of the kids get one and I buy one for my husband and I together. 

I buy a “Ruby” ornament from The Bombay company each year. We do love our dog 😉

Our first Christmas together as a married couple.

Disney Vacation 2012. The Elmo and Zoe in the background belong to my daughter, she was a HUGE fan years ago.

As you can see putting up the Christmas tree each year is a stroll down memory lane. 

Tradition number 3: The kids exchange a special gift, a book. They sign the inside and I hope they keep them and cherish them forever.

What traditions do you celebrate? 

Maybe this year you start your own.

Merry Christmas!