So many expectations, so little time.  

Gifts to buy for: teachers, babysitters, cousins, grandparents, coaches and secret santa exchanges. Meal planning, Christmas baking, wrapping and cleaning.  Christmas parties to attend, grumpy family to deal with and photo sessions to arrange. I could on and on.

How much of this pressure are you putting on yourself? 

  1. Can you simplify? 
  2. Do you have to do it all? 
  3. What are your priorities? 
  4. What are the things that are really important to you?

Warning! These changes can cause you stress. These changes can make those around you upset or angry. Change is difficult, even if it’s a positive change. You will have to set limits and communication is key. Let those around you know the changes you plan on making and then follow through. To do this you will have to tolerate the distress in others, and in yourself. It will take time and lots of practice. 

Each time you set a limit it will get easier. Try it today. You deserve to enjoy the holidays as well.