Getting ready in the morning can be very difficult. If you are sweating and screaming by the time you’ve dropped everyone off, it’s time to try something new.

Let’s figure out what the problems may be:

1. Are you organized yourself. Do you scream at the kids to get ready but you can’t find your keys or your phone?

2. Do your children have a set routine?

3. Is your routine planned and reinforced with visuals, such as check lists?

4. Do your children have the skills to do their tasks on their own?

5. Have you shown your children step by step what needs to be done and how to do it (this may have to be done numerous times)

6. Do you set priorities for your children? First get ready for school, then you can have free time (if there is enough time).

7. How much time does each child need to get ready? If you have an hour but your child takes 90 minutes, something needs to change.

8. Do you have a timer? Use an analong clock to show the passage of time.              You can set a timer to go off every five minutes for fifteen minutes. At the third beep it’s time to go.

9. Does your child understand what being ready looks like? Take a picture of them fully dressed boots and all. Do they have a check list of what goes in their bag?

10. Can anything be done the night before? Lunches, forms signed, clothing picked out. 

Take it one step at a time. Include your children in the plan and notice when they do well. 

A positive and productive morning gets your day started the right way.