Remember the days when you only had yourself to take care of? You could get ready and get out of the house on time, no screaming,  yelling or nagging. Me neither!

It seems like so long ago. I actually wasn’t very organized then either, but I had so much more TIME.  Time is like a magical word, people have heard of it but they don’t know how to get it. 

Time management is a life skill that needs to be taught. If you struggle with it, start with yourself. Your children will learn from you. 

Here is a cool chart that can get you started. There are so many of the out there.

Children learn what they live.

You may be very organized, but your children are not. The positive part is you can get right to it and start helping your children. You also need to think about why your children don’t have these skills when they have a great role model. 

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I do it for them?
  2. Does it have to be done a certain way?
  3. Have a showed them how to do it?
  4. Is it easier to do it the right way first?

If your chidren are struggling with time management and organization you have to give them the tools to succeed. 

  1. What needs to get done? 
  2. Is there enough time to do it all?
  3. Do you have concrete and clear expectations of what needs to be done. 
  4. Use charts, visuals and check lists. 
  5. Make a plan
  6. Use timers and have an analog clock

Ask your children what would help them get organzied. Don’t say no to their ideas. Listen to them all, suggest your own and decide together which ones to try first.

Time management is about priorities. When the task, routine or chore is done then you can play, watch tv etc. 

The quicker you get it done the quicker you get to the fun stuff.

Be consistent, remind them and be patient. Pay attention to the effort.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, for a detailed explanation on how to set all of this up, and what to take into consideration to make it work.