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I have been on a mission to organize and simplify my life as a mom for a few years. I felt like I was doing everything. I was, but then I’d get upset that no one was doing their share. I realized I didn’t have a plan. I talked too much, and wasn’t clear with my family as to what tasks had to be done. So I made some charts… It worked! 

I sat down with my children to make a plan. I explained I wanted the crazy mornings and the nagging to end. They agreed and we worked together to follow through with daily tasks and chores. 

I wanted to share my charts with other parents that were drowing in parenthood. 

How to get started:

Consistency is key. When you fall off the wagon, just get back on.

It does take time. Your children may get upset that you are changing the rules. “Why would I start doing these chores now? Mom always does it!”

Be patient. When your children complain, agree with them that things were usually done for them, but you are ready for a new way. 

The more we work together the happier i’ll be, the less nagging I’ll have to do and the more time we will have as a family. 

Try it! I’m glad I did.