children did not follow the plan

I love being creative and helping people. My new project gives me the opportunity to do both! I want to share with you my secrets to getting things done, to living life for me, and to building independent children. It’s all possible, you just have to start.

I have created charts and guidelines to help get things done. You deserve balance. With some planning, hard work and consistency you can get time back for yourself and to spend with your family.

When you are doing everything you get tired and overwhelmed. You may feel resentment towards your family; the family you so desperately wanted, before they were born. When they were born, you may have been given more than what you bargained for.

Being a mother has been a great gift, but I was too exhausted to enjoy it to the fullest. I’ve been through the trenches and I’ve crawled my way out! So now it’s your turn!