Before children I could sleep through anything; oblivious to the world around me.  That all changed after I gave birth.  I was easily awoken by a cry, a whimper, or the drop of a soother onto the floor.

As my children got older, I learned how valuable uninterrupted sleep really was. Lately, this has not been my reality.  It’s not my children keeping me up, it’s my husband! His snoring is making me feel like the mother of a newborn.  Remember that broken sleep that made you walk around like a zombie the next day?  It’s happening again, but now it’s my husband waking me through the night.

The truth is, the snoring has been a blessing in disguise.  PLEASE DON’T TELL MY HUSBAND!

My frustration with his snoring has forced me to leave the room.  Leaving the room was a nuisance. But it turned into a positive.  The snoring gave me an excuse to crawl into bed with my children, for a peaceful night’s sleep.

When your children reach milestones of independence it can be bittersweet. Despite this new freedom I have as a mother, I still have a hard time watching them mature.  I often wish I could have one more day with each of them as a baby, a toddler and a preschooler.   I tried to take it all in at each stage of their lives, but time has always moved on, whether I’ve been ready for it or not.

My daughter is eleven and my son is eight, but when they are sleeping they turn back into the little babies I had; the babies that have grown into smart, independent and charming little humans.  Before I turn off the night light I stare at their peaceful faces.  I breathe in their youth, their innocence and their positive energy.

Most days I put in my ear plugs, and try to get to bed before the snoring starts.  But now and again, I crawl into bed with my babies and anticipate waking up to their adorable, groggy faces.

There are things in life you can’t control.   I can’t control the snoring, or my children growing up.  I can control how I react.  I can get angry, or I can go  cuddle with my kids instead.  I have to continue making time to have quiet moments with my children.  The snoring has opened my eyes to missed opportunities.

Maybe I should be thanking my husband.