The idea that youth today are not what we were like, is something I hear on a regular basis. At work, on social media, and in everyday conversations with parents. I challenge this comment whenever I hear it. Do you really think things are that different? We didn’t have as many electronics, which does complicate teen life more, however I don’t think there are many differences. My grandmother had her first child at sixteen… But it wasn’t considered teen pregnancy because she was married. 

This MEM says it all.We forget what it was like. We forget the poor decisions we made. Out parents used to tell us that we have to be more responsible, respectful and make better choices. If we had electronics like we do today dont you think youd be on them as well? I have neck strain from looking at my phone too much. Checking my email, texting and checking social media. I have a job, I take care of my home and live an active lifestyle… And still go on electronics. We are so quick to judge the youth of today. 

My kids play outside, hang out with their friends, play sports and can carry conversations that are not via text message. When i go to the park, or go for a run there are people and children everywhere. They are not ALL inside on their tablets or phones. We are so quick to generalize. If this is an issue for your children then it’s up to us to help them make changes. Go for a hike with them, put your phone down. Have a jar filled with family fun and pick a day or two that you focus on family time. They may complain or say that old people dont get it. They may argue with you that this is how all teens communicate… Nope I’m not buying it. Its much easier to stay in your room and feel connected. But real parties dont happen online. When a child lacks social skills, and they are allowed to stay in their room, what motivates them to try something new? Avoidance becomes how they deal with uncomfortable things; it’s the easy way out. Many adults do the same. It doesnt make it ok. 

This quote from Aristotle proves each generation appears worst than the one before. Are we just too hard on our youth? I say yes. I look out into world and see a lot of good in our youth. There are many polite, socially polite and enthusiastic kids out there. Think back to when you were younger. Can you relate to their joy, inexperience, confusion, sorrow and impulsivity? They struggle just as we did. They get distracted with electronics just like we do. We should be working together and focusing on the good. I see so much potential, I just think their needs to more action and less complaints. What will you do make a change?