When I was a young teen I worked at the Hamilton farmer’s market. It was attached to Jackson Square, the downtown mall. I got paid in two dollar bills each day. My mom wanted me to put half of my earnings in the bank. Which I did; but the rest was for me to spend! And that is where my love of shopping started. Every lunch break was spent walking around the mall. I would head straight to the back of each store. That’s where all the sale racks were. I got some great deals, but I always paid in cash. If there was no cash left, there was no more shopping.

I still have a love of shopping. But with a credit card it’s much easier to over spend.
I have champagne taste on a beer budget. I can’t resist a sale. But when the credit card bill comes in I realize my impulse control needs some work.


I have put myself on a budget. I try to have cash in hand to buy what I need…. I mean, what I want. I really don’t NEED anything. PLEASE don’t tell my husband i’m actually admitting this. I love pretty things. I like to dress well. It makes me feel good, when I dress in clothing that fits well and is good quality. I always buy things on sale, but that can add up.

After organizing my clothing the kondo way I’m able to see what I have. If I already have three pairs of black pants and three pairs of wedge sandles, I don’t need anymore! It’s hard to say no. Especially when they have an extra percentage off of the lowest price. It’s torture to walk away! But I have been. Learning to walk away has been empowering. If a few days later I’m still thinking about the item, I go back. I’m surprised that I usually don’t go back.


I try really hard to stay out of the malls and shops. I don’t get sucked in by the sale emails I get. I’ll look, sometimes I start filling up my online cart. It’s satisfying to fill the cart, but I usually empty it.

I’ve changed my thinking on payday as well. Instead of thinking, TODAY I CAN SPEND!! I try not to spend until I have to. Within a few days I realize that all the money I had to spend on wants, will be spent on needs. I might be going out for dinner with a friend, taking a writing workshop or taking the kids to the movies. But I’m spending money on experiences, not things.

I do still indulge, why work if I can’t use the money to spoil myself. My impulse control is being managed. I’m making smarter decsions.

I now spend money on collecting moments, not material things… and the odd pair of great shoes and a nice lipstick.