In life there are things you just can’t understand until you experience them personally. Since having children, I now understand what people meant when they said ” Time flys. Kids grow up fast.”


I would say the same thing for aging. I used to feel invincible. Now my body is turning on me!
“I thought we were a team. I take care of you and you continue looking good.” Clearly my body and I have a communication problem.
Maybe I should be upset with gravity. It has not been my friend.

Through the years my body has tried to warn me, that things change as you age. My first pregnancy was before thirty. I felt good and the baby weight just came off. Not the case with baby number two. I look at the young teens who have babies yearly in life. They give up so much to have a child young. But their bodies are not one of them.

I realize that everyone is different, and genetics has a lot to do with how your body responds. I’m not a shallow person, but it is frustrating to eat well ( yes I have desserts and wine in moderation) and workout, but the response time is so much SLOWER.


I was blessed with no stretch marks, but now my stomach skins hangs down. I have a muscler booty, but cellulite plaques me. I have minimal wrinkles, but I suffer with adult acne.

In the end I realized I can’t change genetics or the aging process. One day after glancing in the mirror I gave myself a shake, and told the negative self talk to “Shut up!”.  I have a lot to be proud of. My skin falling down is really not a huge deal. I’m healthy, happy and have so many great qualities. 
I said goodbye to my youth, but said hello to a vibrant, successful and happy woman. I was always proud of myself, but I let the negative take over.

I take pride in myself. I eat well, workout, get a good nights sleep and laugh often.  I put out the energy I want to receive back. I was so bitter, it so was draining

I’m working from the inside out. My happiness is coming from filling my bucket with things that make me feel good.  But I’m not gonna lie, a great haircut, some red lips and a great fitting pair of jeans don’t hurt.