Secret’s Out: What You REALLY Need to Do to Get Organized

This article came right to my inbox. It had me at Secrets to Get Organized!

I know there is no secret, it’s a process. It’s a way of life. A way of life I have avoided for years. Clutter overwhelms me. I don’t have the right home for many things that come through my door. So for six months I have been slowly going through my things. I have purged and purged. But everything needs a designated spot. I have read many articles that claim,  if there is no home for it then it has to be thrown out.  THROW IT OUT??!!! So instead it gets dropped off in the crap room… I mean craft room! Guess what?! It was no longer a room I could use.

My daughter gave me the push I needed. I need a deadline, a motivater.
She wanted the craft room to be her new room (its the second largest room in the house). So reluctantly we got to work. 

It was worth the effort! I now have a room to craft in!! It is my new happy place.


My old futon was given new life with pillows and a throw.


I made some art and added hooks to hang my jewelry. On the other wall I hung up my favorite purses and a shoe rack to show off my pretties.


I have my desk by the window and everything has a place. The table is just temporary, but it will work for now. I have an old kitchen table that I will use. It’s hidden in the garage… another project we are putting off…

So I just have to keep going, keep purging, put cleaning into a routine, make a plan.


Here is another load that is on it’s way to be donated.

Today I will re-read the article from Better Home and Gardens and take it one baby step at a time.