As a mother, I have to say sock sorting and lunches are my least favourite things to do.

I have put many things in place so I no longer have to take care of these miserable chores.

1. I have a lingerie bag for dirty paired socks on top of the hamper. I have designated a whites/pastles hamper, and a darks hamper. When the sock bag gets filled up it goes in the appropriate hamper.

2. Separate mini bins have been assigned to each family member.  Individual stray socks have a home while they wait for their partner to come back.

3. My children make their own lunches (preferably the night before).

Great plans! I put them in order,  and some how I was searching for pairs of socks today. 

Remember: trying is important, failure is ok. It’s the fact that you try and try again that matters.

As the managers of our home we always try our best, but we are human and fall back into bad habits.

So next time, I will wait until the kids come home to sort out their own bin. I should have waited, did it really need to be done today? However, is it weird that I get a bit of satisfaction from reuniting the lost pairs?

My systems are great, but if I don’t remind my children to make their lunches or sort their socks, I can’t be surprised that they don’t get done. They are not adults, they are kids.

Take a look at the bins below… can you guess which is my husband’s? His mother used to do his laundry…. I’m NOT his mother lol