mom the manager - Page 005

What makes you happy?  Write down or think of three things that make you instantly smile.  The beach, your pet, the sunset, a waterfall, a fall trail……  Now how do you incorporate those things into your life to remind you of those happiness triggers?  A picture on your phone, a shell from the beach, a smooth pebble picked up on your last hike.

Life is so busy we forget to stop and look around.  A few days before my wedding day it was suggested to me that at some point during the night, I should stand back and take the night in, because it goes so fast.  It was great advice, and a moment of time I will remember forever.  As I get older I feel time is moving faster, and I don’t want to run anymore.  I want to stop and enjoy every moment.  When my second child was born I remember hold him, smelling his newborn smell and just enjoying the moments of quiet and calm with him.  I still hold to every moment because life keeps moving on, whether you are paying attention or not.

We have pajama days, dance parties in the kitchen and Nerf gun fights in the backyard.  I call my friends, read books and cuddle with my husband every chance I can.  My life is full of happiness because I have chosen my priorities.  I have picked happiness over money and material things.  I am collecting moments that I will cherish for a life time, and I won’t look back with regrets of not slowing down.  Instead I will remember all the beautiful moments.

Start collecting your moments, before they all pass you by.