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We are creatures of habit.  Do you sit in the same chair, have the same routine, order the same thing at your favourite restaurant, vacation at the same resort each year? Change is scary, even good change.  It causes anxiety, so we just stay in our safe zone.

I challenge you to step out of your box and take the road less travelled. 

The problem with avoidance, is that it’s self re-enforcing.  “If I go to the party my sister in-law will be there and she will drive me crazy all night” So you don’t go to the party and your anxiety goes down.  This is a band-aid solution for a long-term problem.  If you had gone to the party, you could have had fun, or run into someone you hadn’t seen in a while.  But when you avoid situations you never teach your brain to think differently.  You never prove to your doubting mind that the worst case scenario didn’t come true, and something good happened instead.

I have had many jobs in my career, mostly contracts.  My different experiences have made me the person I am today.  The changes were forced upon me, but they have taught me that everything works out in the end.  It might be scary at first, but new challenges teach us to be resilient , to learn, and stay passionate.

What are the small changes you can start making today?  What goals do you have for pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone?  If you never try you won’t know the fun you can have.

I dare you, take a chance, you deserve the happiness that will come your way.