I love to read. I looked forward to bedtime stories as a child.
I remember my grade three teacher reading Narnia to our class each day. The author described the scenes so vividly, it was as though I had stepped right into the book.
As an adult I still love going to the library. Yup i said it, the library with real books. E books are convenient, but don’t have the nostalgic smell I love.

I read so i can get away.  I read so i can learn something new. Or just to live vicariously through the characters in the novel.

I had so many favorite books.


A royal pain has been put away for my daughter. I was probably her age when i read it. I have vivid memories of reading it at my grandparents house during summer sleepovers.


And of course the cult classic “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret”. As a pre-pubescent girl I turned each page with antisipation and excitement. I took mental notes so i could be better prepared for when it all started happening to me.

I started buying books for my children before they were born. They used to fall asleep with their picture books in hand. It warms my heart to see them curled up with a book. Their faces filled with wonderment.


Fancy Nancy was a big influence in my daughter’s life. She too felt like she was too fancy for her plain family. She adored my sister’s bling, false eyelashes and fancy hair ( she’s a hairdresser and makeup artist, there is no way I could compete with that lol)

What books inspire you? What are you reading now? When was the last time you read your child a book?

In an electronic world we need to keep reading books and free play alive. Please help me with my cause 🙂