We live a fast paced life in North America. Working an eighty hour work week is not a shocking fact. Checking your work email after work hours is common.

When my children were born I was told that time flys and they will grow up so quickly. Until you live that truth you don’t understand how right they are.

What are we working so hard for? Material things have become the focus of so many households. If you shared a room with your sibling, had three barbies instead of ten or ate out for dinner only a few times a year did it effect you in a negative way? When you think back what do remember from your childhood?

I remember going to the library, bedtime stories, imaginary games with my sister, family vacations and holiday traditions. I don’t remember the material things. I valued the time I had with friends and family.

I try hard to slow down to be with my children. My floors are sticky and I may not get my chore list done on time. I’m happy with my decision to let it go sometimes to have nerf gun fights, day time cuddles, game nights and sports games at the park.

Facebook recently reminded me of a memory from two years ago. As we were cuddling on the bed my son said to my daughter “This is my castle of love and mommy is my Queen”

Those memories make it all worthwhile. I may have a messy house and less money because I don’t work full time, but I have memories I will hold onto forever.

So slow down and play with your kids, because before you know it they’ll be all grown up.