Meet Michelle

Mom, wife, child life specialist, public speaker, author and parenting expert

I used to let motherhood run my life, then I decided to make a change. I became the manager of my home.

I have been working with children, teens and families for over twenty years.

Becoming a mom was the greatest gift I could have been given. But for years I felt overwhelmed. It was as though my life was in charge of me, instead of the other way around.

The shop

Products that build independence and life skills

Talk less and use visuals to help your children build life skills, learn time management skills and be clear with your expectations. These charts and visuals work, because I have used them in my own home.

The book

Find your joy in motherhood again

 You were a person before you became a mom, remember her? “I Quit! Oh wait, I’m the Mom” will give you practical tips to find yourself again.

The blog

Parenting tips, strategies and tools

Check out the blog for more information on parenting, anxiety, ADHD, self-care for mom’s, communication and difficult behaviours.


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