Michelle McVittie, Child Life Specialist, Speaker, Parenting Coach and Author

I specialize in strong-willed children, ADHD, anxiety, and parenting teens.

Ages 5 to teens

Your child wants to feel heard, but you don’t feel heard yourself.  Your child wants it their way ALL THE TIME – and it’s beginning to feel like they’re running the house. 

You love your child dearly but something has to change fast!

Get Your Child to Listen, The 1st Time You Ask!

Hi! I'm Michelle Parenting coach, speaker, and author of "I Quit! Oh Wait, I'm the Mom"

I have a B.A.  and post graduate diploma in Child life studies, both from McMaster University.  

I am the parenting expert for CHCH morning live.  I have worked in pediatric medical and mental health, in supervised private practice, in daycares as a behavior specialist and now in my own business.  I specialize in ADHD, strong-willed children, anxiety and parenting teens.


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My Book: "I Quit! Oh Wait, I'm the Mom!"

Before you became a mother you were a person, remember her?  Find practical tips to find you joy again in motherhood.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.  When you give to yourself you are able to banish burnout and learn to respond instead of react to your children.

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The Struggle is Real

I See You, I Feel You. I Am Here to Help.

Together we can make your journey in motherhood happier and calmer.  Ready to feel more in control and confident in your parenting journey?  You are not alone, I have been there as well and I am here to help.   You are doing your best, but can you imagine it being better?

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Teach your children how handle their emotions, work on setting goals, build independence and much more!

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